With Whom on Zoom! My Interview with Voice Magazine

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with actor and journalist Hector Macduff at ‘Voice Magazine recently’ – albeit via Zoom! Voice is a magazine and platform for young creatives covering arts, culture, politics and technology and I was honoured to be their first guest for their ‘With Whom on Zoom’ interviews, talking about myContinue reading “With Whom on Zoom! My Interview with Voice Magazine”

My First Ever Podcast!

I was interviewed recently by writer Bryan Collins for his ‘Become a Writer Today‘ podcast. This was my first ever podcast,  and I have to admit, I was quite nervous, but it was a lovely experience and Bryan was extremely welcoming. Bryan Collins, host of the ‘Become a Writer Today’ show,  unpicks the creative process behind topContinue reading “My First Ever Podcast!”

Theatreland Radio & My Top 3 Musicals of All Time!

I was delighted to be a guest on Theatreland Radio recently, where apart from being interviewed about my book, ‘So, Your Child Wants to go to Drama School?’, I was invited to choose my top 3 all time favourite musicals  – Can you imagine how hard that was? (choosing 3 musicals, not talking about my book!)Continue reading “Theatreland Radio & My Top 3 Musicals of All Time!”

Going Hybrid

For a long time now, I have been thinking of changing my car from petrol to a hybrid model. I am nervous to fully convert to electric as I make quite a few long journeys, but hybrid sounds good to me and certainly a step in the right direction environmentally. Making changes in our livesContinue reading “Going Hybrid”

Drama School – The Hidden Extras

I can only speak personally, but I know that from the very minute my Son decided he wanted to go to drama school, I was worried about funding.

How Musical Theatre Classes Help Your Child

When my son started his degree in Musical Theatre at Drama School, he was part of an extremely talented group of students, all of whom had shown excellent potential during their audition. Not all of these students will have had previous training, but most of them will have and would most probably attended their localContinue reading “How Musical Theatre Classes Help Your Child”

Let the Drama Begin!

As Autumn unfolds, so too does the drama school audition season. Open days (be they virtual or real) and first round auditions start to take place, with thousands of young performers chasing the dream to secure one of the elusive sought after places! Its an exciting time but it can also be a daunting one.Continue reading “Let the Drama Begin!”

If only there had been a parent’s guide available!

Just 2 weeks after announcing my new book, ‘So Your Child Wants to go to DRAMA SCHOOL?” I thought I’d let you know why I wrote it in the first place! My own son expressed an early interest in wanting to go to drama school, so it was no surprise to me, but it wasContinue reading “If only there had been a parent’s guide available!”