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So, Your Child Wants to go to
Drama School?

Parents can sometimes be reluctant to the idea of their child becoming an actor. They can often try and encourage them into a more stable career path. The fears tend to appear because of a lack knowledge. Luckily for them this book from Amanda B Cosgrove will go a long way to calming their worries. It covers everything a parent needs to know about the drama school audition experience. From applying for a college, the audition itself, funding, scholarships, bursaries, this book covers it all. I cannot recommend this be enough. It is entertaining and packed with advice and tips. WATCH VIDEO REVIEW HERE
Matt Malthouse from Chiron Audition Prep


Brilliant book. I read it cover to cover as soon as it arrived. it’s an essential for any parent who’s child aspires to going to Drama School. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have a clue without the help of this book.
Carolyn Swift (Facebook)


What an incredible book! The fact that there is now something for parents to buy, or for kids to get their parents so they can understand the whole process of auditioning is incredible. There are thousands that will benefit from this. Well done!
Max Gill – Actor (Instagram)


Concise, Informative and Practical – I bought 5 of these books for students considering attending drama/ musical theatre college in the UK. They have found the book absolutely excellent. Full off concise practical guidelines. Very well laid out. It really is a gold nugget of information. Best of luck for the future.
Mags O’Riordan (Amazon)

What a great book! This is a practical, easy to read guide for parents of young people who want to go to drama school, whether that’s to study Musical Theatre  or straight acting. It takes you right through, from the initial conversation when your child announces they want to go to drama school to the first day of term. There’s a very useful appendix with so much info to save you endless searching online. Laid out in tables, so easy to compare colleges and what they offer and their requirements.

For me personally, its such a long time since I went to drama school and did the rounds of auditions, rejections, recalls and finally acceptance that the system has completely changed. So when I advise parents and young people of options for drama school, I need to keep my knowledge up to date and not just think back to ‘my day’. This book will now always be on my desk ready to recommend to all parents of children wanting to take the drama school route.

Amanda has gone through it all with her son who is now a professional musical theatre performer and is sharing her first hand experience. She has also done so much research to make sure the reader embarks on the process of applying for drama school armed with everything they need. I love, LOVE that Amanda has highlighted the difference between University and drama school and how having a ‘Plan B’ is NOT a good idea. These are the things I find myself repeating to parents – If you have a ‘Plan B’, you’ll end up doing the ‘Plan B’!

The layout of the chapters means you can read it cover to cover or dip into the section you need. For example, when your child is writing their personal statement, you can follow Amanda’s guidance instead of staring at a blank page worrying! Her voice is refreshing and real and you come away feeling that you’re not alone as a parent stepping in to the void that is applying to drama school. This is a positive, realistic approach to what is a daunting quest for parents and their children destined for a career in the performing arts. I cannot recommend this book enough!
Shelley Norton – ‘The Talent Shack’ 

This book is AMAZING! When I was auditioning for Drama School, I didn’t have a clue where to start, and neither did my parents or Careers advisor. This book would have been perfect to help us get started on the process and I only wish it had been available for my parents and I, they would have found it so helpful. It does all the work for you, from finding schools to choose from, how to write personal statements, what to expect from the audition day, dealing with the outcome, working out how to afford the fees… EVERYTHING. All the info you need in such a quick and easy read!
Applying for Drama Schools can be so overwhelming for students and parents, but this book really helps it all feels achievable and worth it.
If you’re a parent who:
– wants to be involved in the process
– wants to have an understanding of it all
– is doubting if it’s the right choice for your child
– is wondering how you’re going to afford it
OR you’re about to audition and like me, don’t know where to start, then YOU NEED THIS BOOK. I cannot recommend it enough!
Caitlin Gudaitis – Actor (Facebook)

This is a superb book for parents with children aspiring to go to drama school. Full of informative tips, it’s well written , amusing and an easy read. Full of invaluable advice and information.
C. Walters (Amazon)


Definitely a ‘must read’ for those of you aspiring to head into acting.
Carrie Hope-Fletcher – Actor, Author & Vlogger


WOW, what an excellent read!! Very informative for both the Parent and Child. Loved how it talked you through the whole process, no stone left unturned. Leaves you feeling prepared and ready for what’s to come.

C. Daniel (Amazon)


This book takes away a lot of the hard work and research that needs to be done when researching where or how your child is successfully going to apply to go to drama school. It walks you through the whole process covering the audition process, funding plus all the other things that need to be take in to account that you may not have thought of. The helpful tips together with the the humorous way that the author has written the book makes it fun to read.
S. R Oliver (Amazon)

Such a brilliant book for anybody wanting to go to Drama School. An easy book to read, all the research has been done for you. Each step is clearly explained. The information is invaluable to any future artist in the drama field. This book was a great find and worth every penny.
E. Thorne (Amazon)