Drama School – The Hidden Extras

I can only speak personally, but I know that from the very minute my Son decided he wanted to go to drama school, I was worried about funding. I had always known that he was interested and that this might be a path he would follow, so I did start to save as much as possible from as early as possible. As a single mum at the time, this wasn’t easy and just as he was about his degree course in Musical Theatre I moved in with my partner and lost of all of the help that would have been available to me. I felt sick!

However, whatever your circumstances, it really can be done. Student loans cover most drama schools these days, (although rarely the full amount) and there are many bursaries and scholarships available too. Of course there is always fundraising and I go into this in detail in my latest book.

Once you manage to get the tuition fees together there is also their accommodation and living expenses to consider, but you knew this when you decided to support them to drama school in the first place. What you might not have thought of were the hidden extras and one of those is The Kit List!

Your average kit list comes out at approximately £500. This may not be the biggest figure on your budget sheet (I hope you have one!) but its £500 you could do without at this expensive time!

So when your organising your funding for drama school, please remember the hidden extras…The train fares to/from school in the holidays (or the petrol), Spotlight membership, head shots, and of course the kit list…. make your life a little easier by giving yourself fewer shocks along the way!

Happy shopping!

Amanda x