Let the Drama Begin!

PosterAs Autumn unfolds, so too does the drama school audition season. Open days (be they virtual or real) and first round auditions start to take place, with thousands of young performers chasing the dream to secure one of the elusive sought after places! Its an exciting time but it can also be a daunting one. Not just for those auditioning, but for their parents or those that are helping and guiding them through the process.

It is six years ago that I went through the same process with my own son, who thankfully was successful at getting a place in one of the top drama schools in London, and who has since gone on to work professionally since graduating. At the time, there was no such guide as the one I have just written. We didn’t know how to write a personal statement, when the re-calls would be, how much we needed for his starter kit or how on earth we were going to raise the funds to send him there in the first place.

My new book ‘So, Your Child Wants to go to Drama School?’ is a lighthearted but factual guide to the complete process. This is the perfect time to grab a copy and curl up with a cuppa or a glass of something chilled and see what going to drama school entails. Read it all in one go or dip in and out of it, the choice is yours. There is also a packed appendix full of information on 25 drama schools and sample letters for you to use.

Feel free to head over to my REVIEWS page, to see what everybody else is saying about the book, or jump straight to AMAZON and grab a copy, I promise you, it’ll all seem clearer and far less daunting once you’ve read it.

Good luck with the auditions – I hope my book serves you well!

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