A First Time for Everything!

Amanda and ShataneseNot just my first book, but also my first interview as an author! Not to mention my first ever Insta Live! Eek!

Fortunately, it all went very well and Shatanese was so lovely and welcoming. We had a good few viewers popping in and out of the interview and it was great to see some familiar names on the feed as well as people I didn’t know.

We chatted mainly, about how it feels to be a published author and why I chose to write about drama school auditions. Shatanese loves a nugget of advice she can share,  so mine was to NOT have a Plan B! So often in the performing arts industry students are advised to have a plan B in case their chosen career fails. I understand that the industry is a  precarious one,  but I honestly feel that when students have the ‘hunger’ to pursue such a difficult avenue, then they need 100% support and that means only ever having a plan A!

The interview lasted for approximately 20 minutes and was an absolute pleasure. If you missed it and fancy catching up, you can see it HERE

I wonder what ‘firsts’ this week will bring?