If only there had been a parent’s guide available!

Just 2 weeks after announcing my new book, ‘So Your Child Wants to go to DRAMA SCHOOL?” I thought I’d let you know why I wrote it in the first place!

My own son expressed an early interest in wanting to go to drama school, so it was no surprise to me, but it was always going to be a worry.

Was he good enough?
Would he get accepted?
Could he handle the rejection?
Could we afford to fund his dream?

If he had chosen to study drama at a traditional university, it would have all been funded (well, a student loan!), but of course a ‘proper’ drama school isn’t the same thing. The top drama schools or ‘conservatoires’ as they are known, offer the most incredible opportunities, contact hours, and connections, so if he was going to chase his dream, he may as well go for it and we would just have to find a way…


I searched the internet for ‘an idiots guide’ or something similar, but everything I found was written for the student, many of which go to great lengths to talk about monologues and song choices. These are fantastic but not what a parent needs. So it wrote the book I had wanted. It’s lighthearted, easy to read and accessible, and above all, will guide a parent through the whole drama school process,  from the initial conversation with your child right through moving out and their day one! I hope it serves you well. x